How to Start an Internet Business

There are a number of things to take into account at this point, what amount of time do you have to dedicate to your new online business! Why do I ask this question, because it’s all too easy to jump at several opportunities when you only have the time to do justice to one.

Remember if you are serious about making a living online pick one opportunity and run with it, use the resources and tools listed to help you max out the best from any opportunity you join, and then when you start to get results, and you will, apply the same system for as many business opportunities or products as you like!

So where do we start, well you need to choose for example an affiliate program then we need to take it to market. Now this is where things get interesting. How do we do this! There are some things that you must have if you are going to have any success online!

A sequential autoresponder, now I don’t care where you get one but this is a must have for your business. So get one and work with it until your 100% happy using it. You will need this kit to build your opt in list! (Your subscriber base to your ezine)

You pre load the AR with messages or articles, set the delivery times say once a week and everybody on your list gets that message it’s that simple!

If you build an opt in list of about say 3000 people then you are in a position to create an income on demand when you like! Once a month send out an email to your subscribers with your latest product or opportunity, Expect a response of about 2% to 5%. Now if we take this at 2% that’s 60 and let’s say you make $20 per sale that’s $1.200.00 or 60 people in your new business. If it was 5% well I’ll let you do the maths but I think you get the point!

Do not underestimate the power of an autorespondar once set up correctly it’s the single most powerful tool to build your online business.

Web site, now this is a controversial subject because you don’t need a web site to build an opt in list, but you will need to have one soon to promote your product or opportunity, get a quality web host account with 500 megs of disk space and 10 gigs of monthly transfer rate.

If you don’t have the skill to build your own web site, don’t worry there are a number of software packages out there that do all the work, you just need to do a bit of typing and click the mouse a few times and that’s it!

Advertising, now whether it’s free or you have handed over your hard earned cash for it you must be able to track it’s performance.

Just imagine you have 20 ads on the net all different how will you know what ads are working! Quite simply put, if you don’t have an ad tracker you may just as well stand on the top of a tall building and throw your money off!

One more thing you might not know, and a question that I am asked more than any other “how can I build an opt in list quickly”

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